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Materials for emerging technologies

Our Advanced Materials division is dedicated to the supply of high performance materials which deliver value for our customers in new and emerging markets, from printable electronics, memory devices and energy storage to advanced coating and composite systems.

Pioneering nanotube technology

"We are excited by new opportunities"

We were early investors in carbon nanotube technologies, forming a strong collaboration with the University of Cambridge to develop a scalable process for the manufacture of carbon nanotubes. The carbon nano-materials business was launched in 2004, and has continued to add capabilities. Today, Thomas Swan Advanced Materials can manufacture kilogramme quantities of both single-wall and multi-wall carbon nanotubes. A particular strength is our ability to manufacture high quality single-wall carbon nanotubes; our Elicarb® SW products.

Andy Goodwin, Commercial Director, Advanced Materials

  • We are committed to working directly with customers to provide optimal material solutions which accelerate product development and enhance market adoption.
  • We are actively engaged with industry associations to improve our understanding of the properties of nano-materials and ensure our compliance with emerging regulatory requirements in this field.
  • We are excited by new opportunities and will apply our extensive experience of scale-up and commercialisation to successfully exploit early phase and lab-based technologies.

Our leading Elicarb® carbon nano-materials are the foundation of our product line and our materials are finding applications in a range of industry sectors which include.


  • Advanced Electronics
  • Memory Devices
  • Energy Storage
  • Flexible Electronics
  • Advanced Composites