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Elicarb® Graphene Products

Thomas Swan is a world leader in the supply of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs). We have a well-established manufacturing and supply capability in carbon nanomaterials which is underpinned by our position as an independent, international, performance and fine chemicals supplier.

Fig 1

Raman spectra (532nm excitation wavelength) of Elicarb® Graphene Powder shows a high quality sp2 carbon network with D/G ratio of 0.28 and D/D’ of 5.0. Analysis of D/G ratio against flake size (inset) confirms that D-band is associated with plate edge effects rather than in-plane defects. The low D/D’ ratio is also consistent with edge effects only. The 2D band shape indicates the presence of few-layer graphene flakes with an average of 5-7 atomic layers.


TEM image of Elicarb® Graphene Powder (displayed on carbon grid) shows good quality GNPs of varying layer thicknesses.

Average platelet size

Number average platelet size of Elicarb® Graphene Powder by TEM image analysis shows an average X-Y platelet dimension of 1000nm. TEM analysis of multiple batches reveals excellent particle size repeatability from the exfoliation and extraction process.

Sheet Resistance (4 point probe):

A test film is prepared by vacuum filtration of water dispersion of graphene to produce a ca 25 micron thick film. The film is not washed with further solvent after filtration. The sheet resistance is measured with the 4-point probe using on average 10mA current, the thickness of the film is measured to give a sheet resistance normalised to 25 micron.

Typical Sheet Resistance is 10 (± 5) Ω/□ for a 25µm film.

Thermogravimetric Analysis (in air):

TGA Graphene

TGA to 1100°C in air of Elicarb® Graphene Powder shows a weight loss of ca.4 % at 350°C which is decomposition of surfactant residues followed by the primary decomposition of graphene at 803°C. The manufacturing process can be tuned to reduce or eliminate surfactant residues. A final residue of ca. 4%w/w remains at 1100°C which is due to inorganic residues within the graphite raw material.

Platelet Thickness by Atomic Force Microscopy:

Platelet Thickness

AFM analysis of mean thickness in NMP exfoliated GNPs shows an average plate thickness between 5 and 7 carbon layers.

Elicarb® Graphene products are high quality graphene nanoplatelets with consistent particle size and high conductivity.

Elicarb® Graphene is provided in two product formats:

  • Elicarb® Graphene powder:
    GNP powder.
  • Elicarb® Graphene Dispersion (AQ):
    A water/surfactant dispersed GNP at a concentration of 1g/litre.

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