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Combined Policies

Below are the combined policies for the Chemical Division of Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. based at Consett, Co. Durham. These form an integral part of the Company’s business plan and have been adopted by the board of Directors and Management.

Responsible Care Policy

(incorporating Safety, Health and the Environment)

It is our POLICY to:

  • Comply with legislative / regulatory requirements, especially COMAH, and the requirements of the Chemical Industries Association’s ‘Responsible Care’ programme.
  • Provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, including a Major Accident Prevention Policy.
  • Protect and conserve the environment, with particular regard to prevention of pollution.
  • Ensure that continual improvement in safety, health, and environmental performance is maintained.
  • Communicate openly with customers, employees, suppliers, the local community and other interested parties on how we address safety, health and the environment.

To assist in meeting the above requirements, the company will:

  • Develop and operate management systems complying with BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • Conduct all site operations to a high standard of efficiency and awareness, with particular regard to COMAH, risk assessment and other safety, health, and environmental issues.
  • Ensure that the company, its employees and visitors comply with this policy and other relevant social and moral requirements.
  • Generate, monitor and review appropriate safety, health and environment performance data.
  • Ensure that overall responsibility for safety, health and environment remains with senior managers, and give details of organisation and arrangements in the Responsible Care manual.
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and comply with their safety, health and environmental responsibilities.
  • Continue to provide both adequate resources and appropriate training for all employees to enable them to carry out their individual responsibilities.
  • Select and carry out its manufacturing practices having regard to both the local environment and the operations involved.
  • Operate a management system which complies with recognised international standards.

Quality Policy

It is our policy to address the following key areas of quality management:

  • The quality of our raw materials and products is of utmost importance with respect to current and future business. From the customers’ point of view, our performance today is their guide to awarding future business to our company, which is a measure of customer satisfaction.
  • The company through its directors, management and supervisory staff, has the direct responsibility for supplying products that have been designed to, or manufactured to, agreed specifications, are safe and reliable, and meet customer requirements.
  • Quality Assurance is the responsibility of specified management. However, great emphasis is placed on individual employees recognising that everyone is to some extent responsible for maintaining the high quality of our products and services and contributing to continual improvement.

To assist in meeting the above requirements, the company will:

  • Develop and operate management system complying with BS EN ISO 9001.
  • Periodically review objectives and targets with a view to effecting continual improvement.
  • Develop stronger customer / supplier relationships. 
  • Ensure that all employees are aware of this policy.

H.M. Swan
Managing Director.