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Andy Goodwin

Commercial Director, Advanced Materials

I am a Ph.D. scientist with extensive leadership experience in innovation and new business growth within the speciality chemicals industry, and a passion for technology entrepreneurship.

I joined Thomas Swan in August 2012 to head up the Advanced Materials Division with the brief to build our position as a leading supplier of high performance materials - particularly carbon nanomaterials. It’s a role which combines my zest for building technology-based businesses within the dynamic and fast moving environment offered by Thomas Swan. I am particularly enthusiastic about our partnerships with some of the world’s finest universities, which sees us at the forefront of groundbreaking new developments.

Previously at the Dow Corning Corporation in Michigan, USA, over 23 years I led activities in new business creation and innovation, business start-up, technology development, product development and delivery - and worked in locations in Europe and the USA, gaining a number of advanced qualifications. I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging future, establishing Thomas Swan as key global providers for advanced, high performance materials.

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