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David Herron

Logistics Manager

With over 20 years’ experience in the chemical sector, I joined Thomas Swan in December 2000 and was promoted to my current position in April 2011. I lead a team responsible for production planning, purchasing, warehousing and transport.

The logistics department aims to provide a consistent, reliably fast and efficient service to all customers. Ensuring that we deliver quality products and customer support is, of course, pivotal to the success of our business.

Key elements of my department’s role include making sure that customer orders are planned, manufactured and delivered on time to agreed specification. We determine priorities with regard to customer despatch dates and direct all resources to meet business objectives and customer demands. This involves pre-empting any possible problems and delays, initiating any corrective actions necessary and troubleshooting the operational difficulties that occasionally occur in any operation with our ever-extending global reach.

I am committed to achieving the highest standards of performance, quality and health & safety – and to positive change, team building and people development.

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