Values, Vision, Mission

Thomas Swan is a 4th generation family owned and run company, built on traditional family values - including trust, respect, fairness and hard work.

These values have helped us grow to become an international company, offering a world-class product and service capability.

  • Trusted – Our reputation for fairness and respect means that people know they can trust us
  • Experienced – With over 86 years of service, Thomas Swan customers know they can rely on us to deliver at every level
  • Passionate – We love what we do, and our enthusiasm for diversification and innovation is engrained in all of our employees
  • Progressive – We are always willing to try something new, to expand and offer continuous improvement in our products
    and services

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“A trusted and progressive company, with a passion for innovation.”

Based on these values, our vision is to be a trusted and progressive global chemical manufacturing company with a reputation for customer service excellence and outstanding quality.

Our mission is to achieve this through sustainable and continued diversification within our three strategic divisions, and through focused investment in people, plant and acquisitions.