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Our company has dealt with Thomas Swan & Company since 1986, during which time they have continuously provided our Agricultural business with excellent support in the area of manufacturing intermediates for actives synthesis. The excellent quality of their work has been a major factor in our success, enabling us to source key intermediate molecules for our manufacturing plants. Thomas Swan is considered by us as a solid and reliable partner, and experts in their field.

A Major Agrochemical Company

Quest, now known as Givaudan, approached Thomas Swan in order to outsource a large product in order to free up capacity in our own equipment. From the initial scouting discussions to the technical handover discussions between the two companies Swan was very open and professional. A close working relationship developed quickly between the development chemists in Quest and Thomas Swan leading to the positive outcome from the scale up trials which involved both Quest and Thomas Swan on the plant. The product has continued to be outsourced.

Global Flavour and Fragrance Organisation

The multifunctional team at Thomas Swan responded quickly and efficiently to our enquiry. Thomas Swan has an extensive knowledge of process chemistry and has the suitable facilities and equipment, but as with any custom or contract manufacturing project our process needed some extra process safety checks and plant modifications and these were discussed in an honest, open and professional way.

Speciality Products SME

We are a new company concentrating on research and development in the chemical industry, with a need to manufacture newly researched products as samples and production. We have chosen as our scale up toll manufacturing partner, Thomas Swan & Co. Limited, who have proved themselves to be exemplary with their quality and delivery of our products. They are easy to deal with, open, friendly and supply paperwork with relevant safety data with our completed samples and production in a timely manner.

A Catalysis Company