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Casamed™ PCMX US launch

Swan Chemical Inc. is pleased to announce that it can now supply Casamed™ PCMX. Material will be supplied from its FDA approved inventory point in New Jersey. To mark the launch of this new service Swan Chemical Inc. will be offering special introductory pricing discounts on a first come first serve basis to customers responding to this advertisement.

Casamed™ PCMX is available with immediate effect in powder form in 25kg UN approved cartons and is compliant with all FDA and USP regulatory requirements. Larger packaging can be arranged on request.

All of Swan Chemical Inc’s. Casamed™ PCMX is manufactured by its parent company, Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., exclusively at its wholly owned FDA approved production unit in Consett, UK, the only c.GMP standard PCMX manufacturing facility in the World.

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., has previously supplied its FDA grade PCMX exclusively in North America via an arrangement with a third party sales and distribution company that has sold PCMX manufactured exclusively by Thomas Swan for a number of years. This relationship has been dissolved with immediate effect.

The production of Casamed™ PCMX will continue in the same facility that has been used to produce material for sale via Thomas Swan’s previous route of supply. Manufacturing procedures, process operatives, specifications and QC test procedures will remain unchanged. End users will therefore find supply of the material via Swan Chemical Inc. to be completely interchangeable with supply via the previous distribution channel, with Swan Chemical Inc. adding further value to the offering by means of its exemplary customer satisfaction levels.