Thomas Swan awarded four government grants for graphene

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Working with leading companies in graphene application development.

Thomas Swan continues to grow and build its graphene materials business and remains committed to providing a reliable supply of high quality graphene materials. One of the key challenges facing the emerging graphene industry is identifying and optimising applications in which graphene technologies add value.

Keeping you in touch with Thomas Swan

We’re pleased to introduce our new bi-annual newsletter. ‘Review’ will keep you in touch with all the latest news and developments, providing an insight into Thomas Swan, its people and our aims. This first issue highlights our exciting plans to switch to green power; we discuss new reliable graphene products and find out what’s happening across the globe.

Thomas Swan accelerates graphene supply plans

Company brings forward timing of graphene scale-up.

Today, Thomas Swan announced plans to bring forward the scale-up of their Elicarb® Graphene products. Originally scheduled for year-end 2014, the first integrated kg/day process will now be completed by September 2014. Due to the excellent progress made in process development and the high level of commercial interest in graphene products the change in schedule was recently approved by the Thomas Swan board.

Graphene exports begin from UK supplier

Thomas Swan delivers first consignments of ‘wonder material’.

There has been a lot of interest surrounding graphene over the past few months with high profile stock market flotations and then the news from Trinity College Dublin that graphene can be manufactured in a kitchen blender – work sponsored by and licensed to Thomas Swan.

Media Highlights Wonder Material from Thomas Swan

“Graphene...thin, strong, flexible and electronically conductive with the potential to transform electronics.”

Thomas Swan announces an exclusive agreement to manufacture high quality graphene products by an exciting new process developed by researchers at Trinity College Dublin. The new process uses high shear mixing techniques to produce high quality graphene nanoplatelets. Thomas Swan has launched two new graphene products based upon this process – Elicarb® Graphene Powder and Elicarb® Graphene Dispersion (AQ).

Anaerobic Digester gets the green light to power Thomas Swan site

Renewable energy is coming to the Thomas Swan site in Consett, which the company has occupied since 1926. Plans for a new Anaerobic Digester plant have now been approved, with all parties signed up and work on the project, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK for a chemicals company, already underway.

The new sustainable power plant, will stabilise electricity costs for one of the area’s leading employers and provide a safe, unobtrusive source of energy which uses maize and grass silage produced by farms in the region.