Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. | Independent manufacturer of performance and speciality chemicals

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Providing a range of functional additives, resins and active pharmaceutical ingredients that deliver processing and application benefits within a range of global industries including tyres, rubber, leather, coatings and personal care.

Proven reliability, evolving in partnership

The Performance Chemicals Division manufactures and promotes a broad range of additives, resins & active pharmaceutical ingredients. These products enhance the processes used to manufacture tyres, synthetic rubber, leather, powder coatings, flexographic inks and household & personal care products, as well as improving performance in many of the applications where they are used.

Responsible & Innovative

“We have provided many years of faultless service”

Thomas Swan are responsible and innovative producers, using carefully selected high quality processes to develop new solutions. We have a well-established global presence with many long-standing major multinational clients and a reputation for customer care and service which is unmatched in the industry.