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We are a leading manufacturer of a range of biocides and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for use in antiseptic, disinfectant and preservative formulations in a variety of household, medical and industrial applications.

Casamed™ PCMX

Casamed™ PCMX is used as a highly effective active ingredient in a wide range of medicinal solid and liquid soaps and antiseptic formulations.

Casamed™ PCMX is the only xylenol based active pharmaceutical ingredient to have FDA, USP and c.GMP accreditations thus giving customers a high degree of confidence in quality and regulatory compliance along with an unrivalled range of formulating capabilities.

Selective formulation and regulatory guidance on the use of Casamed™ PCMX can be provided to customers subject to status.

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PCMX & Casacide™ 140

PCMX & Casacide™ 140 are also used in a range of anti-microbial, disinfectant and detergent applications in locations outside the European Union.

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