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Tyres & Rubber Additives


Thomas Swan has developed a range of viscosity-reduction additives and bonding agents for the rubber processing and polymer industries, providing time, energy, cost and environmental benefits.

Pepton™ Products

Pepton™ additives are chemical peptisers that catalyse the mastication of rubber in compounding processes thus reducing processing time and energy consumption while enhancing filler mixing to provide significant process cost savings to rubber processors.

Used in very small concentrations Pepton™ peptisers have no adverse effect on the scorch or cure properties of the rubber nor do they affect the performance properties of the rubber post vulcanisation.

The dibenzamido diphenyl disulfide (DBD) chemistry used to produce the active ingredient within Pepton™ is widely considered by the rubber processing industry to be more environmentally acceptable than traditional pentachloro thiophenol based peptisers. Thomas Swan's DBD, the active ingredient in Pepton™, is the only fully REACH registered chemical peptiser. 

A range of formulated Pepton™ products are available each having different concentrations of the active ingredient combined with a range of complementary proprietary additives that enhance peptising performance.

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Casabond™ Products

Casabond™ rubber bonding agents are used in high performance metal-to-rubber and textile-to-rubber applications.

Casabond™ products enhance tear strength to the point of substrate failure.

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Casamod™ Products

Casamod™ additives for the synthetic rubber industry enable the production of ultra-high performance polymers with enhanced functional properties, facilitating improved performance in end applications such as high performance tyre tread compounds.

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