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Thomas Swan comprises three divisions

  • Performance Chemicals provides a broad range of additives, resins and active pharmaceutical ingredients. In many cases they enhance the processes used to manufacture tyres, synthetic rubber, leather, powder coatings, flexographic inks and household and personal care products, as well as improving the performance of those products.
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  • Custom Manufacture works in close collaboration with a wide range of customers to manufacture their products on a contract or toll basis. From simple drying to multistep complex reactions and from kilogramme to tonnage quantities, we have a wide-ranging and flexible capability.
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  • Advanced Materials is on the cutting-edge of material science, developing niche, high value materials for emerging technologies in the composites, energy and water sectors. Thomas Swan offers the added benefit of back integration into, and support from, an established chemical manufacturer. The division is a world leader in the manufacture of single-wall carbon nanotubes.
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